Hello, my name is Anna, and welcome to my Art Blog. I live just outside of Ottawa, Canada, and I work as a freelance artist. This blog is basically a platform for me to introduce my art to curious people like you.

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Spent the day in the ER yesterday.

Well, the title says it all, basically. I spent my whole day in the ER yesterday after I passed out in my bathroom and hit my head on the vanity. My mum found me and made sure I got to the hospital. Luckily, I didn’t fracture my skull or anything. All I got was a nice bruise and some scrapes. I didn’t even need stitches, thank god, because I would have cried. The doctor was concerned because my blood pressure was really bad, and my blood volume was low (which is normal for me), so I had to stay and get an IV until my stats were back to normal. I got to go home because they couldn’t do much more for me there than could be done at home. I was very lucky not to have a bigger injury. I will enjoy these headaches as opposed to whatever else could have happened. So, someone will be coming by for the next few days to take my vitals and give me an IV. I don’t look forward to that, honestly. I hate, hate, haaate needles.

And, lucky needle hating me got to get poked about 10 times yesterday. The poor technician who came to take blood, even after proudly declaring that he was really good at it, spent no less than 45 minutes trying to find a vein, ha ha. Then when he found one, it would collapse before he could get enough. The issue? I have very small and deep veins. He called them ‘baby veins’, and I bet he cursed them afterwards.

Basically, this part might be tmi, for the past six months I’ve had an unending heavy menses, and because my family doctor told me it was just part of my irregular cycle that I shouldn’t be concerned and I would just have to deal with it. When I said I didn’t want that he was very unpleasent and told me he’d refer me for a hysterectomy, because that was all he could offer to ’ satisfy’ me. He wouldn’t even offer me a proper diagnosis. Needless to say, I didn’t go back to see him and I was very upset. He has never been a good doctor, but it’s hard to get family doctors here. I was just going to power through it and play it out until I found something else I could do.

But, after what happened yesterday, I got scared because if fainting had anything to do with this, it was getting more dangerous. They did some tests yesterday, including an ultra sound but it was a bit inconclusive? They told me it’s Polycystic ovaries, but they want me to go in for more tests on Wednesday after the holidays when I am more steady on my feet to see just how big the cysts are. Right now they want me to rest and nurse my head a bit. I’m comfy right now, so, all is well.

Depending on what they see, I’ll be put on certain medications or have to have surgery. The worst case scenario is that I lose my ovaries and uterus (which I am very upset about right now), but the doctor told me that they don’t like to do that to young women unless absolutely necessary, and he said he would do everything possible to make sure it wasn’t going to happen. He was very kind to me, so I am hoping for the best. They prescribed me some fancy birth control to help regulate things, so we’ll see how it goes. Besides that, I’ve been on a new diet for the last two months and the doctor said it was a good start. I no longer eat potatoes, pasta, bread, pop, and most dairy. I miss so many foods!

But, after all that, I might be a touch slower on commissions. I will try to keep up the pace I set for myself this month, but if I can’t I will note people and offer them a refund or something, because it isn’t fair to the people who are expecting work from me. I thank you for your understanding at this time, and hope you all have an awesome Easter Holiday if you celebrate it c:

And, here is the proof I am alive so people don’t worry so much, ha ha. The whole thing sounds much worse than it actually is. Sorry for the bad lighting, too.

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