Hello, my name is Anna, and welcome to my Art Blog. I live just outside of Ottawa, Canada, and I work as a freelance artist. This blog is basically a platform for me to introduce my art to curious people like you.

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So, hey guys. I’ll be running  a small con in Cornwall this Saturday. It’s called CoTiCon which stands for Cornwall’s Tiny Convention. It’s the first time we get a con convention like this!

The website is www.coticon.com if you are interested in checking it out.

we also have a facebook page too: https://www.facebook.com/CotiConvention

And if you use DeviantArt, we also have a group on there too: http://coticonvention.deviantart.com/

Please check it out! We’re going to be having panels, video screenings, workshops, a smash bros tournament, art contest and a masquerade! And, the location is really nice so if the weather is nice than cosplay photoshoots outside can happen.

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Watch Lolisoupbby on picarto.tv

Lolisoupbby's Channel on Picarto.tv →

Watch Lolisoupbby on picarto.tv

cetaa said: sorry if you've already answered this, but what brush settings do you use? i love the way your lines look!!

Not at all!

I actually have a line art tutorial, but it’s a bit outdated. For my lineart I use all the preset brushes. I go between using the Pen Tool (size 5 - 8) for thicker, dominant lines, and the Crayon Tool (size 4-10) for slimmer, less dramatic lines (in folds or for eyelashes). The canvas size makes a difference, too. I use a preset canvas at the size of 3300x5100 pixels, and a DPI of 300. c: